Mess to Miss

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you“- Mary Angelo I was sitting all by myself at a cafe in Bangalore, with a book in one hand and a cup of tea on the other, deeply engrossed in a world created by John F Green. All of sudden a girl dressed […]

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What a mother can do

Image credits: Pinterest Sometimes we have to be our own mother to our inner self and give everything we would possibly give to our daughter or our son to that child within us. Most of the time when we are stuck somewhere, we expect an external entity to come and pull us out of our […]

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Stars for her

Image credits: Erica Lea Quarantined at home, doing absolutely nothing except for writing, reading and getting trained by my mom in improving my cutlery skills, is giving my mind a hell lot of headspace to flirt with my thoughts. I love being gifted. It isn’t about getting free goodies but about the feeling you get […]

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Image credits: Soul-to-soul connections are for real, but in real very rare. Having someone with whom we can talk and talk and talk for hours and listen to that person talk the very same way can do wonders to our emotional set-up. Most of my years in Bangalore were spent in a Catholic convent […]

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Cry me a river

Image credits: tears-of-eternity/ From Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river” to Camila Cabello’s “Crying in the club” to Arianna Grande’s “No tears left to cry” to the recently released single by Camila, “Cry for me”, the act of crying was always that “in” element in oozing emotions from the listeners, worldwide. My heart was always […]

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The last gift

  Image credits: Ellen Tan/ My readers will be well aware of the fact that I was extremely attached to my grandfather. When I lost him in an accident 6 years back, I was heartbroken. Everyday was a constant struggle of holding back my tears to desperately trying to concentrate on my studies. The one […]

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The choice of confusion

Image credits: Nothing amazes me more than the mind of an artist. I love interpreting his/her thoughts through his/her works more than just staring and admiring the beauty in the detailing of his/her works. Because the possibilities are always an infinity when it comes to the thoughts an artist would have had while painting […]

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Just friends?

Image credits: Once upon a time there lived a guy and girl. The were like together-together always and the entire world thought they were dating eachother. But both of them knew very well they weren’t. When any of their friends approached them and questioned them about it, they always gave them one particular reply, […]

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