An itchy bitchy story

Image credits: Sometimes, living in this world with your own fellow species appear as difficult as surviving in Antarctica having nothing to wear, except for a few pairs of shorts and some tank-tops. But who asked you to travel to Antarctica with your summer-clothes in the first place? “Oh I didn’t know that this […]

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Cry me a river

Image credits: tears-of-eternity/ From Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river” to Camila Cabello’s “Crying in the club” to Arianna Grande’s “No tears left to cry” to the recently released single by Camila, “Cry for me”, the act of crying was always that “in” element in oozing emotions from the listeners, worldwide. My heart was always […]

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The last gift

  Image credits: Ellen Tan/ My readers will be well aware of the fact that I was extremely attached to my grandfather. When I lost him in an accident 6 years back, I was heartbroken. Everyday was a constant struggle of holding back my tears to desperately trying to concentrate on my studies. The one […]

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The choice of confusion

Image credits: Nothing amazes me more than the mind of an artist. I love interpreting his/her thoughts through his/her works more than just staring and admiring the beauty in the detailing of his/her works. Because the possibilities are always an infinity when it comes to the thoughts an artist would have had while painting […]

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Just friends?

Image credits: Once upon a time there lived a guy and girl. The were like together-together always and the entire world thought they were dating eachother. But both of them knew very well they weren’t. When any of their friends approached them and questioned them about it, they always gave them one particular reply, […]

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A sad girl’s something

Image credits: “She is way too thin” “She is way too fat” “She looked better with short hair” “She looked better with long hair” “Her lips are too thin” “She is all plastic” “She doesn’t know how to carry herself” “She wears too much make-up” “She doesn’t have an opinion on her own” “She […]

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The one hundred thoughts before smiling PART 2

Image credits: I’m back like I promised. If you guys are wondering what I’m talking about and have not yet read the first part of this two-part series, click on the link given below, and then return back here with a lot more love again! ♥️ ( I don’t want to spoil the flow […]

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The real spell

Images credits: I’m on a new social experiment, I deleted off my WhatsApp account and I’m trying my heartful best to completely go back to that call-to-call phase of my life. Not forever but for some days. Just to see for how long I’ll be able to live sans it. So, I started “Love Spell” […]

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A tricky affair

                Image credits: Here’s another close-to-my-heart post. The following sentences are going to be a direct export from my heart. Statutory warning: No brains involved. Somebody who stands by us no matter what, ah! that’s the only criteria to being a good friend. And I am a […]

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